Acimovic, Kathy. The Link, Art in the Open
Soledad Arias' exhibit is strewn about Montreal.
Volume 24, issue 08, p.08. September 7, 2003

It is like every other day, in the midst of getting from point A to point B. Quietly lost in thought, like the person to your left waiting for the light to turn green. Partaking in that common isolation of occupying the space in your mind, talking to yourself and playing out the day’s events: you know the streets and anticipate the turns. Time delegates you have be somewhere, meanwhile destinations thrive, subside and materialize with every different route. The concrete blocks do little, details of the city vanish because of your familiarity with them. The routine allows your mind to select cues that match your concerns, but something is amiss.

For the next couple of weeks you might stumble upon the art of Soledad Arias, an Argentinean born artist living in New York. The exhibit, called who, what where, is a special project with the Articule gallery, and consists of strategic urban interventions through the use of common materials. From a distance you’ll notice small triangle flags strung together on a line to create a banner of words, like pennants from a car lot. The words are taken from Samuel Beckett’s Texts for Nothing, and struggle in purgatory waiting to be understood, to get their wings of meaning.

The pennants are necessarily part of a dialogue. Arias is interested in the dynamics of questions and how they lead the mind to conclusions or comforts of absurdity, and the words themselves are abstract enough to allow for interpretive justifications. Through her installations Arias renders physical the process of human thought, a process that can never reach its end. She is empathetic to the viewer and gives a sense of the sublime by treating thought as prayer and finally giving a sign of acknowledgement, except instead of offering up an answer or granting a wish she offers up there texts. The experience of her work is meant to be personal, individualistic and existential. Arias would like for you to see it as a walk but “not just a walk, it’s a physical stretch, psychological, and emotional”
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