Balcaen, Jo-Anne. Who what where, annual programmation catalogue,
2003-2004, galerie articule, Montreal Canada.

Public art often plays with the effects of subtlety and happenstance. Such is the approach of New York artist Soledad Arias, with her urban intervention in seven different streets, parks and abandoned lots in Montreal. Inspired by Samuel Beckett's Texts for Nothing, Arias used vinyl pennant strings (as in used car lots or street fairs) as a support device for a few chosen Beckett phrases, spelling the words one letter at a time on the suspended triangles. The sites for her work were strategic, communicating directly with a variety of audiences. A few examples: What would I say if I had a voice was strung in "Place de la Paix", a notorious junkie park across from the Monument National Theatre. Where would you go now that you know graced an abandoned lot on Queen street in Old Montreal, and Who would I be if I could be, held aloft between two trees in La Fontaine park, compelled passers-by to reflect on the weight of the words.
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