the graphic representation of sound

“At a certain time on fourteen street” is a postcard project depicting a visual representation of the urban sound environment. Everyday sounds, background traffic, dump trucks; light voices and sirens are recorded, to describe a place at a certain time. Visible yet barely perceptible, this project will intervene in the routine comings and goings of passers-by inviting the audience to participate by taking back a card as a “souvenir’ of their immediate experience.
Gansevoort Market, New Yotk City, 2017

it installation view 2014-ongoing
graphite on Hahnemuhle paper
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white neon light, words |3.5 x 45.5 in | 8.9 x 115.6 cm |2013

POESIS POSIES, the juxtaposition of two words suggests parallels between the production of art and nature. The etymology of “poesis,” meaning poetry in Latin, comes from the Greek “poiesis” which began as a verb meaning to bring-forth, to create, and was interpreted by German idealist philosopher Schilling as “the primary creative nature that runs through all things”Press release, RH Gallery, A Discourse on Plants.

acoustic wall #1 2012
vinyl text on wall, detail

In acoustic wall #1, what appears like voiceless theater notations are more about what it is not said rather than what is actually articulated. Yet at the end it is all the same, what we don't see is just as important as what we perceive.
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acoustic wall #1 2012, twenty-seven x 10 feet
RH Gallery, New York, NY
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ON AIR May-June 22, 2012
RH Gallery, New York, NY


acoustic wall #2 2011
vinyl text on wall
28' x 3/4"
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acoustic wall #2 2011
vinyl text on wall

snippets | 2008-2010
Piezo dye pigment prints| 24 x 30 inches

snippets. November 8-December 27, 2008
Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, Texas
A series of videos, snippets, plays muted text that flows with intentional slowness. Drawn from the videos discarded sound, recorded words vibrate in audible patterns.
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voices off | 2007
segments of white neon light | 255 x 94 inches

like you i forgot. April 14-May 30, 2007
Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami, Fl

This exhibit presents a body of work that subtly addresses the relevance of remembering as a personal and social vehicle to responsibility, healing and awareness. Alain Resnais' film Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959),depicts a sensual love story that occurs in Japan and evokes the threat of war, destruction and death lurking in the background. In the opening of the film, the audience hears the "voice off" of a woman, repeating like in a trance, words that express her denied capacity to remember. Her desire to recall memories from her past will help her in time to heal from a painful loss.
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who what where | Soft Sites | 2006
Institute of Contemporary Art | Philadelphia.
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I can hear your heart beat | 2004
neon white signs affixed to trees

Affixed to the trunks of trees, neon white words seem to float in space; enticing the viewer to slow down and experience their inner meaning. The text renders visible the private unseen, exposing in the public a moment of vulnerability/intimacy.The lights are turned on during the day, off during the night It is daytime, the lights on, mark an element of disruption in ordinary circumstances.
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perfect lovers (leave me-hug me) | 2004
white neon signs | words | dimmer

Two white neon words, are placed side by side. While their lights fade off and on in a synchronized loop, the meaning of the words simultaneously contradict each other in a push/ pull movement. While leave me fades on, hug me fades off in a discontinuous tempo, struggling together between sameness and differentiation.
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who what where | FLOAT | 2005
Socrates Sculpture Park

"Originally produced for a group of neighborhoods in Montreal, who what where is a poetic text posing questions around the collective possibilities of identity, place, and mobility. Adapted for Float, Arias has reproduced the work in aesthetic harmony with the site. On each weekend of Float, the first through third lines of the poem will be individually paired with the last line. In its entirety, it reads, Who would I be if I could be/Where would I go if I could go/What would I say if I had a voice/Where would you go now that you know"
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who what where | 2003
Urban intervention
Montreal | Canada

Festive strings of colorful pennants were simultaneously installed in seven strategic sites around the city of Montreal. Emblazoned with text these flags intervened in the routine comings and goings of passers-by affecting the way they perceive themselves and the environment.
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who what where | 2002
Banff | Alberta | Canada

Strings of pennants hang camouflaged in the visual fabric of everyday life. Suspended from a fine line, apparently light in their physicality, the flags are loaded with the weight of words.
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you are here | 2002 | NYC
Neon white sign | words | fader

"The moving about that the city multiplies and concentrates makes the city itself an immense social experience of lacking a place…"
Michel de Certeau

you are here alludes to presence, however it refers to disappearance. The neon white sign with its impermanent light, suggests in its discontinuity a state of in between. Insert in the hectic pace of everyday life you are here, attempts to open up a space for reflection and awareness of our existence.
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