you are here | 2002 | NYC
Neon white sign | words | fader
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“The moving about that the city multiplies and concentrates makes the city itself an immense social experience of lacking a place…”
Michel de Certeau

You are here alludes to presence, however it refers to disappearance. The neon white sign with its impermanent light, suggests in its discontinuity a state of in between. Insert in the hectic pace of everyday life you are here, attempts to open up a space for reflection and awareness of our existence. Ideally installed in the window space it communicates its message to passers-by creating a link between inside and outside.
You are here maps, defines, a part of the city landscape acting as an emotional grounding, an anchorage in the collage like structure that the experience of the city provides. The white neon sign has a timer that in its rhythm suggests a soft beat

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all images © Soledad Arias - 2016